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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Do I have to pay any fee to use this tool?

No, this is a free tool. You do not need to register, login or pay any fee to use this tool.

2. Can I use this tool to build other Cordova-based applications such as phonegap, Framework7…?

No, this tool is only used to build projects and applications written in IONIC language or original Cordova

3. What is an APK-debug file?

APK-debug (or yourapp-debug.apk) is a source code which has been complied into a complete application under the format of a *.apk file. You can download this APK-debug file to your Android phone, click on the file to install the application directly on your Android phone without going through application stores such as Google Play or Amazon App Store…

The purpose of APK-debug file is to allow developers to test their applications on real phones and to check the functions of the application before uploading them on application stores such as Google Play, Amazon App Store…

cannot be uploaded on application stores such as Google Play or Amazon App Store…

4. What is an APK-signed file?

APK-signed (or yourapp-signed.apk or yourapp.apk) is a complete application which has been signed basing on your personal information. The source code in APK-signed file is codified according to your information; no one can change it including yourself.

You use APK-signed.apk to upload on application stores such as Google Play and Amazon App Store from your own account. After your applications have been uploaded on Google Play, any Android user can download them and install them on their phones, like other normal applications.

5. After I have an APK-signed file, how can I upload my mobile application on Google Play?

To upload your applications on Google Play, you need to register a Google Play Developer account at:

After you have registered an account, you can upload your APK-signed file from your account. It will take Google 1-2 days to identify whether your application violates any copyright or contents before allowing it to be displayed on Google Play. You can track the status of your application at any time from your Google Play Developer account.

After this period of time, Google will send you an email, notifying you of the status of your application, whether it is denied or allowed to be displayed on Google Play. If it is allowed on Google Play, you can download it from any Android phone like a normal application.

6. Does this tool change or add any file into the source code of the mobile application?

No, this tool only helps to pack the source code of your application into *.apk files (for android) or *.ipa files (for iOS). We do not change or add any file into your mobile application.

7. Does this tool save my source code or files?

No, we don’t save any source code or file that you upload on our website.

8. Can this tool be used to build mobile applications for iOS from IONIC, Cordova?

Yes, we are developing and upgrading this tool to be used for iOS. And of course it will be free as it currently is for Android.

9. After completing the tool to build applications for Android, iOS; what is the development plan of the website?

After finishing the tool to build applications, we will continue to upgrade other functions for website, including:

  • Allowing member registration and login; allowing members to manage their applications, their upload files and different versions of the mobile application.
  • Supporting the upgrade of mobile applications to higher versions.
  • Counting number of visits to the website and analyzing users’ activities in each application and each page of the mobile application.
  • Supporting the sending of notification messages in the application on our platform without using
  • Tracking and counting orders from mobile, the number of notifications sent and received; measuring and analyzing the conversion rate into orders basing the number of notifications sent.
  • Maximizing the performance of each mobile application; using configurations, customizing applications without interfering the source codes; you don’t need to know programming to customize your mobile applications.
10. Sign Android App Information
  • Password: Create and confirm a your secure password for your *.keystore file.
    Example: mypassword123
  • First and last name: The full name of the person or organization that own this mobile application.
    Example: Doe John or ABC Company
  • Organizational unit: It is the name of the department of your company in which you work, if you work at one.
    Example: Mobile Team
  • Organizational: It is the name of your company in which you work, if you work at one.
    Example: MyCompany
  • City or location: Your city name.
    Example: Cupertino
  • Two-letter country: Your ISO country codes. You can find it in
    Example: If your country is United States, So country codes is "US".
  • State or Province: Your State or Province.
    Example: California
  • Alias name: It is the alias of the private key of the app you want to sign. You can enter something for this field but you must remember it.
    Example: myfirstapp.

    Sign app android.
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